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Cross-border commuters

It is possible to commute between another country and Denmark, but there are special rules about taxation and social security.
Opdateret 27.04.2020

A cross-border commuter is a term for foreign national workers in Denmark who maintain their residence in their home country, for example in Sweden or Germany.

The particular rules that apply to your situation depend on your nationality.

Below, you can find information on CPR number, SKAT (tax), sundhedskort (health insurance cards), and børnepenge/familieydelser (child benefits/family allowance).

As a cross-border commuter you must have a CPR no.

If you are a cross-border commuter and have found work in Denmark, you must have a CPR no., as issued by SKAT (Denmark's tax system).

When you have limited tax liability, you must fill out the form and send it to SKAT. Remember to attach copies of your passport and proof of employment with the form. People who are married should also send a copy of the marriage certificate.

Form 04.063 in English
Form 04.063 in German
Form 04.063 in Danish
Form 04.063 in Polish

Tax and deductions

SKAT issues tax cards, and gives advice and guidance about deductions, double taxation and more.

At SKAT's website you can work out your tax, alter your advance tax assessment, work out your transport allowance, enter your annual tax statement, etc. Go to SKAT's website here: www.skat.dk

If you would like help with SKAT over the telephone, contact SKAT on this number: +45 72 22 18 18.

Health Insurance Card for cross-border commuters

You can apply for a health insurance card if you are a cross-border commuter.

You will receive your health insurance card in the post. You must show this card every time you use the Danish health care system. This proof is also valid for travel health insurance.

You can apply for a health insurance card here 

Remember to tell Sonderborg Citizen Service, if you:

  • change your place of work
  • work fewer than 9 hours a week in Denmark
  • find work in your country of residence
  • stop working in Denmark
  • are moving

Child benefits and family allowance

As a cross-border commuter, you are also entitled to parental leave pay and family services, according to Danish law.

Read more about child benefits and family allowance at borger.dk (in Danish)

If you have any questions about the payment of family allowance, you should contact Udbetaling Danmark, on: +45 70 12 80 62