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CPR Number

The CPR number is a personal identification number, and it is a legal requirement for all citizens in Denmark to have one.
Opdateret 04.11.2020

The CPR number is a personal identification number which allows for efficient communication between all Danish national registers.

CPR stands for “Det Centrale Person Register”, which is the Danish Civil Registration System. The register contains information about a person, including CPR number, current and former addresses, name, civil status and citizenships. 

A CPR number is made up of ten digits. The first six are the person's date of birth and the last four are a unique identification number. The last digit refers to the person's gender - an even number is used for women and an odd number for men.

You need a CPR number to access a number of services in Denmark - for example:

  • To connect telephone, electricity etc.
  • To take out an insurance policy
  • To join a library and borrow books
  • To access to publicly funded healthcare (CPR number is not needed for emergency treatment)
  • To receive your salary
  • To buy a house

You obtain a CPR number when you register with the Civil Registration System for temporary or permanent residence.  

If you need a CPR number, please contact the Citizen Service in Sonderborg (in Danish)