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Sønderborg Municipality

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Jobcenter Sonderborg

Read more about finding the right employee for your company in Sonderborg.
Opdateret 11.11.2020

We are ready to help you and your business with recruiting the best-qualified working power. The municipality is daily in touch with many applicants from different industries, and candidate suggestions can be found within a short period.

Recruiting highly educated labor

Sonderborg Growth Council has established a cooperation with The Academics’ Unemployment Insurance Fund, where we match your needs for a new employee with their highly educated members. This gives us the opportunity to recruit outside the municipality’s borders and contact with unemployed highly educated. Contact consultant Mette Gad at +45 61 44 24 76 or mega@sonderborg.dk if you would like to know more.

Jobnet.dk – your online job bank

Jobnet.dk is the largest online job and CV bank in Denmark, where your company has access to job seekers from all of Denmark. Here you can make detailed searches and advertiser for future employees. Start today by contacting your local job center.

Workindenmark – foreign candidates

If you have trouble finding the right candidate in Denmark, you can search for foreign ones from all of EU at www.workindenmark.dk. Here you can both advertise and search through CVs and get to know more about the relevant regulations.

Other options

  • AkademikerMatch
    Acmatch.dk is an online database with job seeking academics. Look through various candidates with an academic background.
  • Fleksmatch
    Fleksmatch.dk is an online database with available job seekers approved for reduced-hours job (fleksjobbere). With the flexible job program, you can have an employee solving tasks, which do not require a fulltime employee.
  • Job banks and social media
    There are many different job banks, where you can find the right employee or intern. Besides Jobnet you might also try The Academics’ Job bank, The IT job bank, Jobindex, or Ofir. Many of the universities and unions have their own job banks. You can also try using LinkedIn, which is a professional, social network.
  • Job fairs
    Participating at job fairs might be a good idea. Here you can find candidates for your business and network with other businesses. View a list over job fairs here.