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Volunteer work

Voluntary work is a great way to improve your Danish and meet new people.
Opdateret 23.05.2018

There are opportunities for voluntary work in Sonderborg. Through the work, you will get a chance to meet new people and improve your Danish language skills.

Most voluntary work is within non-profit organizations, for example second-hand shops, which donate all of their earnings to charity.

Below is a list of links to non-profit organisations in which you can become a volunteer. You can contact the organisations via email, or visit them personally, if you wish to become a volunteer. 

Røde Kors Butikken

Read more at the Røde Kors (Red Cross) website, here (in Danish)

Kirkens korshær

Second-hand charity stores - read more at Kirkens Korshærs website, here (in Danish)

Kirkens Genbrug Sonderborg

Second-hand charity store - read more at Kirkens Genbrug's website, here (in Danish)

Danmission Sonderborg

Christian charity and outreach - read more at Danmission's website, here (in Danish)

Volunteer Centre Sonderborg

If you'd consider putting a couple of hours a week towards doing something good for one or more people, who might be in need of a helping hand or a day-to-day smile, then the Volunteer Centre Sonderborg can help find the right role for you.

As a volunteer, you don't just make a positive difference for other people in society - you can also learn new things, develop your competencies and expand your network.

Volunteer work gives you:

  • a plus-point when applying for jobs
  • the opportunity for positive contact with others
  • great experiences, for your personal development