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Student Jobs

A student job is a good way to supplement your income.
Opdateret 04.06.2018

Many Danish students find it important to have a job while studying, as it allows them to supplement their academic skills with real workplace experience.

However, finding a student job in Denmark is not always easy if you do not speak Danish. As a student you can take Danish lessons for free, but it is also possible to find a job that does not require Danish.

  • Jobs at cafés or restaurants where Danish is not required
  • Workplaces that require special foreign language skills
  • Cleaning jobs. The word for a cleaning company in Danish is “Rengøringsfirma”.
  • Hotels may have jobs for non Danish speakers.
  • Newspaper delivery. Contact one of the local papers to find more information.

The minimum wage in Denmark is approximately DKK 85 per hour. However, many employees pay more than the minimum wage.

Most companies pay the salary into the employee's account. If you get a job, your employer will therefore ask you for your Danish bank account number, and transfer your salary to your account every month.

Here is a list of places with vacant positions for students.

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