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School and afterschool arrangements

In Denmark, it is compulsory for children to attend school from the age of 6. Here you can read about what you should do to enroll a child in school.
Opdateret 04.06.2018

If your child is due to turn 6 in 2018,  he or she must start school in January of 2018. If your child will also attend SFO ('skolefritidsordning' - afterschool arrangements), he or she must also be registered here.

Sønderborg municipality has  four German private schools and an international school - in addition to 17 Danish schools and private schools.

Throughout the municipal schools there are different classes for children with special needs. In Sonderborg there is also a special school for disabled children.

For information on private schools incl. German and international schools click here (in Danish)

The enrollment for private schools and their school clubs is handled directly at the school.

See the overview of Danish municipal schools in the municipality (in Danish)

Enrol your child for a Danish public school here (in Danish). You can only enrol your child online i the month of January - otherwise please contact the school.

If you require more information about enrollment, contact the specific school in which you are interested - or contact the local administrative staff.