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When you retire, you will live on your pension. In Denmark there are different types of pension, which you can read more about here.
Opdateret 23.05.2018

There are different types of pension in Denmark. The first one is the state pension. You gain the right to this pension once you have been a resident in Denmark for a number of years.

In addition to the state pension, many people are also covered by a company pension or a collective pension scheme in their employment contract. Finally, many people also choose to set up a private pension scheme.

The various types of pension scheme in Denmark include:

  • the state pension scheme, which is regulated by law and is a part of the social welfare system in Denmark
  • other statutory pension schemes (the Danish labour market supplementary pension and the special pension savings)
  • collective pension schemes, which are agreed between the various operators within the labour market, as part of a collective agreement in a specific field
  • company pension schemes, which are agreed upon individually between the employer and employee
  • private pension savings schemes, which are set up by individuals, in cooperation with their bank or a pension fund

Find more information about pensions here (in English)