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Living Expenses

Here you can find an estimate of what it costs to live in Denmark as a student.
Opdateret 27.04.2020

What does it cost to live in Denmark? Here are the monthly living expenses for students in DKK

  • Rent: 1900-2600 (€253-347)
  • Food: 1300-2100 (€173-280)
  • Transport (monthly bus card): 260 (€35)
  • Books: 500-600 (€67-80)

Living expenses vary according to personal requirements and standards, as well as the field of study.

Prices to expect when you go out: a meal costs approximately DKK 120 (€16), a soft drink from around DKK 20 (€2.7), and a beer from around DKK 30 (€4).

Examples of prices at the supermarket: a litre of milk DKK 6 (€0.8); sandwich bread DKK 12 (€1.6).

In total, a person studying in Denmark should expect living expenses of around DKK 5000 (€675) monthly. This does not include the deposit for a room.

One euro is approx. DKK 7.5

Find more information here (in English)