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How much does childcare cost?

An overview of the price of childcare: daycare, nursery care, kindergarten, afterschool care or club arrangements.
Opdateret 06.06.2018

Here you will find an overview of the monthly costs of having a child in daycare, nursery care, kindergarten, afterschool care or club arrangements. The rates are valid as per January 2018. Below, you can also read about available discounts.

Daycare Places  
Part-time (0-32 hours) 1,702 DKK
Full-time (33-48 hours) 2,551 DDK
Kindergarten, 2 years 9 months, to 5 years old  
Full-time 2,087 DDK
Part-time, 28 hours 1,148 DDK
Integrated institutions, 0 to 5 years  
Nursery care, full-time (o to 2 years 8 months) 2,551 DDK
Food arrangements for nursery children in 6 institutions  411 DDK
Kindergarten, full-time (2 years 9 months, to 5 years old) 2,087 DDK
Kindergarten, part-time, 28 hours (2 years 9 months, to 5 years old) 1,148 DDK
Kindergartens with toddler groups  
Full-time, 2 to 2 years 8 months (only available as full-time option) 2,551 DDK
Full-time, 2 years 9 months, to 5 years 2,087  DDK
Part-time (28 hours), 2 years 9 months, to 5 years 1,148 DDK
Afterschool arrangements (0. to 2nd class)  
Full-time place 1,627 DDK
Part-time place (from 6.30 to 13.00) morning 376 DDK
Afternoon 1,127 DKK
Holidays - all school holidays and days off except July Month 423 DKK
Holidays - July Month - each week 400 DKK
Afternoon club (3rd to 6th class, under school auspices)   

Club season - first school day after summer vacation, up to and including 30th June the following year

1,014 DDK
Morning care - opportunity to purchase for children in 3. class 538 DDK

Holiday care - opportunity to purchase for children in 3. class. Rates are per day.
Holiday care can be purchased: in autumn school holidays, between Christmas and New Year, in winter school holidays, the days before Easter, the day after Ascension Day, from the last school day before the summer holidays until and including 31st July and from the 1st August to the first school day.

112 DDK

Payment must be made in advance 11 months each year (July is payment-free)

The payment for the SFO- holiday care for the Month of July will, however, be charged each week. The price depends on time spent. 


Sibling discount

For families with more than 1 child in daycare or afterschool arrangements, sibling discount is provided. Full price must be paid for the most expensive place, and then sibling discount applies to 50% of the additional places.

The term 'sibling' refers to biological siblings, adoptive siblings, and children from different marriages. The children must share the same registered address.

Sibling discount is not offered to children in club arrangements and for food provisions in nurseries.

For children in private institutions or private care, sibling discount is calculated as 85% of the sibling subsidy for the least expensive age-equivalent municipal daycare.

Subsidy Grants

Payment for a place in an institution can be exempted or reduced, if you as parents can show that your household's current income falls within these thresholds (valid 1st January 2018):

Income: Payment in % of full rate:
Under 173,801 DKK  0%

173,801 kr. to 177,653 DKK

177,654 to 539,799 DKK Payment increases by 1% for every 3,768 DKK rise in income
More than 539,800 DKK. 100% payment

If there is more than one child under 18 in the home, the income thresholds increase by 7,000 kr. for every child over and above the first one.

If you are single

For single applicants, the subsidy grant threshold increases by 60,801 DKK.

Be aware that this refers to genuine single status, which means that you can't be living with the child's father or any other partner.

In individual cases, where payment is not removed or reduced, but where daycare services are considered particularly necessary for social or educational reasons, the local authority may decide to reduce the amount, or exempt the family for payment, if the amount of payment required is a barrier to the child being accepted in and attending day care.

Do you wish to apply for subsidy? - look in the self-service bar (selvbetjening) at the top of the page, or contact Pladsanvisningen - see below contact information.