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Holiday Pay

Holiday Pay can refer to salaried holiday, or to holiday allowance.
Opdateret 23.05.2018

What is holiday pay?

Holiday pay is something you earn when you work, and which can then be used when you is on holiday. You can hold your holiday allowance with FerieKonto or with another holiday account scheme ('feriekortordning').

If you have the right to full salary during your holiday, your employer will pay your salary to you while you are on vacation. In addition, your employer will give you holiday supplement, equivalent to 1% of your holiday-entitled salary during the previous calendar year.

If you do not have the right to paid holiday, you can earn holiday allowance ('feriegodtgørelse'). This equates to 12.5% of your salary in the financial year. The financial year runs from 1st January to 31st December. Your employer will pay your holiday allowance into FerieKonto, or another approved holiday account scheme.

How do I get my holiday pay?

You should know where your holiday pay is held. It can be with:

  • FerieKonto
  • a holiday account scheme, or with
  • your employer - ask your employer if you're in any doubt.


If you have money with FerieKonto, you will get a letter in March stating how much holiday pay you have. However, you can also see your holiday money through FerieKonto's self-service site from the 1st of March. If you think there are mistakes in the amounts paid in, or the number of available vacation days, you should contact your employer.

You must use FerieKonto's self-service, or the 'TastSelv' telephone service, in order to get your holiday money paid out. You should enter your holiday dates through the self-service - or through the Tast-Selv telephone service, on 70 11 03 03 - as and when you wish to take holiday. FerieKonto will transfer the money into your NemKonto (your primary account, or 'Easy Account') at some  point over the subsequent 5 working days.

You can have your holiday money 1 month before you take holiday time at the earliest.

If you have earned less than 1,500 kr. in holiday pay by the 1st of May, when the holiday year begins, FerieKonto will automatically put the money into your NemKonto . You will not be notified.