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Help for children, young people and parents

Are you worried about your child's development, or do you think that your child should receive special help? Here you can see which public authorities you can contact.
Opdateret 15.11.2019

Children and young people with special needs should receive the help they need as fast as possible. In Sonderborg Municipality we place great emphasis on the municipality's provision to accommodate all children wherever possible.

Very small children

You can get help for very small children via the Health Care Service

Daycare institutions

If your child is in a daycare institution, you can refer your concerns to the personnel here. They will pass on the information to Children and Families, which is the municipality's department for children and young people with special requirements. See the contact information at the bottom of the page.

If your child does not attend an institution, as a parent you can always refer to Children and Families Reception, who will provide further help. See the contact information at the bottom of the page.

School and afterschool centres                                      

If your child attends school or an afterschool centre, the school has a range of options for assistance. You should talk to your child's schoolteacher and ask for an interview. The interview can also be with the leader of the afterschool centre. Regarding your school-age child, you also have the option of directing the referral to Children and Families Reception (see the contact information at the bottom of the page).

Anonymous advice

If you are a child, young person, or parent in need of help in clarifying a problem which is causing difficulties, you have the option to contact Advice Service 24-7. Here, staff are on hand around the clock to listen and help.