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Health Provisions

Smoking cessation for all citizens
Opdateret 06.06.2018

Sonderborg Municipality offers all citizens free assistance in quitting smoking. Smoking cessation courses are carried out either individually or in groups.

Every citizen is offered free help with giving up smoking, through "Kom & Kvit" ("Come and Quit"), which is either an individual or a group course.

"Kom & Kvit" is a flexible smoking cessation course, planned according to your needs. First, you'll have an introductory interview with a smoking cessation advisor. Here you will talk about goals, motivations, and barriers to stopping smoking, along with arranging a quitting date. Afterwards, you have the opportunity to take part in eight themed sessions, along with 10-15 other people who also wish to stop smoking. It is up to you whether you attend all eight sessions, or only the ones which interest you. If you wish, you can also receive personal support via SMS or email throughout the course.

You can read more about Kom & Kvit (in Danish)