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Sønderborg Municipality

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Studying in Sonderborg

Photo of a girl studying

Further education in Sonderborg

Further your education in Sonderborg. Here you can see the different opportunities - also in English.

photo of young students

Residence permits for students

You can obtain residence permit to follow a higher educational program in Denmark.

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SU for international students

If you are a foreign citizen you can apply for SU (state educational support) for a study program.

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Student Jobs

A student job is a good way to supplement your income.

Photo of college dorms in Sønderborg

Student Accommodation

If you need a place to live while studying in Sonderborg, you can look for student accommodation or a place in college dorms.

Photo of men playing handball

Free time and networks

Studying in Sonderborg is much more than taking classes and going to exams. Sonderborg has a great deal to offer when it comes to sports, culture and night life.

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Living Expenses

Here you can find an estimate of what it costs to live in Denmark as a student.