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Sønderborg Municipality

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Living in Sonderborg

Moving to Denmark

Read about how to report your entry when moving to Denmark.

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Newcomers Network in Sonderborg

The network is an informal opportunity to meet other newcomers, and to expand your social network, while having fun.

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Children, young people and families

All children and young people in Sonderborg Municipality have the right to a life of well-being and a secure upbringing.

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Where to live

Find a place to live in Sonderborg. You can rent, buy or build.

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Health and Health Insurance

Information about emergency numbers, health and the Health Insurance Card

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CPR Number

The CPR number is a personal identification number, and it is a legal requirement for all citizens in Denmark to have one.

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Bank account and digital signature

When you live in Denmark, it is a good idea to have a Danish bank account, as it will be easier and faster to receive a salary and make transactions within Denmark.

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Mandatory digital post

With a digital postbox, you can send and receive post quickly, securely and in an environmentally friendly manner, to and from public sector authorities, e.g. your municipality.

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Driving Licence

It may be necessary to exchange your foreign driving license with a Danish driving license if you wish to drive a vehicle in Denmark.

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Learn Danish

Adult foreigners can receive Danish lessons within their first three years of residing in Denmark.

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Income Tax

When you come to Denmark to work, you must pay tax on your wages to the Danish state.