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Dental care for children and young people

The Dental Care System offers free dental care to all children and young people, from 0-18 years of age.
Opdateret 04.06.2018

The social Dental Care System offers free dental care to all children and young people under 18 living in the municipality. This applies to both treatment and preventative care.

Dental treatment occurs in close cooperation with the parents or contact person.

Service is in accordance with Danish Health and Medicines Authority guidelines, and is offered as pain-free dental treatment wherever possible.

There are three clinics - click on the links to find contact information.

Gråsten (in Danish)
Humlehøj (in Danish)
Nordborg (in Danish)

If your child needs orthodontic type treatment, for example braces, the doctor will refer them to cost-free orthodontic treatment in Tandreguleringshuset - click on the link to see contact information.

Tandreguleringshuset (in Danish)

Social Dental Care

The Dental Care System offers preventative and treatment-based dental care to people who, due to reduced mobility or extensive physical or mental handicap, can only use the regular dental service with difficulty. Social Dental Care is something that's granted, so it must be applied for.

If you wish to apply for social dental care, you should contact:

Social and Health

Referral department

Ellegårdvej 25a
6400 Sonderborg
Tlf.: 88 72 45 23
Telefontid: Hverdage kl. 08.00-09.00 og 13.00-14.00

Special Dental Care

Sonderborg Municipality offers a specialized dental care service for the mentally impaired, handicapped, etc, who are not able to use the regular dental care services found in children and young people's dental care, dental care practice, or social dental care.

If you wish to apply for special dental care, you should contact:

Social and Health

Dental Care

Head Dentist Nanna Jürgensen
Stråbjergvej 5, 6400 Sønderborg
Tlf: 21 73 36 61
Mail: najr@sonderborg.dk