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Child benefit and family allowance

There are different kinds of family allowance, which you get automatically or can apply for.
Opdateret 27.04.2020

Children and young people allowance

Children and young people allowance, also called 'the child cheque', will be paid automatically to the child's mother when you have a child. Read more at:

Children and young people benefit  (in Danish)

Child subsidy

As mother or father, you might be eligible for child subsidy. This is for example if you are a single breadwinner, adopting a baby from overseas or have twins. Read more and apply for child subsidy:

Contribution to families with children

As parents you have an obligation to provide for your child. If you do not live together, it could be that one of you  pays a contribution to the other. Read more about:

Payments are made to you by Udbetaling Danmark.

If you are receiving family allowance and your situation changes, you have an obligation to inform Udbetaling Danmark straight away. Read more and apply:

Udbetaling Danmark, direct number: 70 12 80 62