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Bank account and digital signature

When you live in Denmark, it is a good idea to have a Danish bank account, as it will be easier and faster to receive a salary and make transactions within Denmark.
Opdateret 06.06.2018

“NemKonto” bank account

When working in Denmark, it is recommended to set up a “NemKonto” (Easy Account). NemKonto is a public payment system that enables money transfers from the authorities to you. This includes tax refunds, salary from public institutions and social security allowances. Contact your bank for more information on how to make your bank account your NemKonto. To set up a NemKonto you need:

  • Passport or ID card
  • Documentary proof of your address in Denmark

It is possible to transfer your salary from a Danish bank to a foreign bank account. These transfers can take a couple of days, and some banks charge a transfer fee. For more information, contact the bank.

NemID - self-service on the Internet

NemID is a digital signature, and is the Danish idea of having one single login for public and private services on the Internet. With NemID, you can access your online banking service, the local public authorities’ self-service, retrieve your tax return from the Danish tax authorities (SKAT) and much more. Your NemID remains the same regardless of where you use it.

NemID consists of a user ID, a password and a code card that contains code numbers (one-off codes). You'll receive your user ID, password and code card in the mail. When you log in, you enter your user ID and password, and then a code from your code card. It is important that you remember your login details and keep you code card safe, as you are not able to login without it.

Order your NemID here (in Danish)