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Are you worried about a child?

Have you got suspicions about abuse or violence? On this page, you can find out what to do.
Opdateret 27.04.2020

Regardless of what you are worried about, it is important that you take it seriously. The signals that have caused you worry can be an expression that the child is in difficulties or is in need of help. It is important that you react immediately, so that the child's problems can be looked at as fast as possible.

You are obliged to report your suspicions

As a citizen you have an obligation to notify the municipality if you have suspicions that a child or a young person under the age of 18 is living in conditions that put the child's health and development in danger - for example, children exposed to violence and sexual abuse, or other serious failures of care.

If you are unsure about whether you should send notification, you are welcome to contact Children and Families Reception for anonymous advice and guidance.

Public sector staff are subject to an increased obligation to report suspicions.

You can start your report (notification) thus:

  • You can direct an enquiry to Reception - see contact information at the bottom
  • If you think that the child is being abused or is in danger - you should report to Reception, in daytime hours (in critical, emergency situations, outside of the municipality offices' opening hours, you should report to the police) see contact information at the bottom
  • You can also notify via Borger.dk (in Danish).

If you choose to make a notification, then you should not inform the parents about your contact with Children, Young People and Families, or the Police, as it can have an effect on the child's safety, along with the Police's ability to secure evidence.