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Sønderborg Municipality

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About Sonderborg Municipality

Visit us and discover beautiful natural surroundings, a vibrant cultural life and good opportunities for jobs and education.
Opdateret 27.04.2020

Wide open space and water on all sides 

In Sonderborg Municipality, scenic surroundings go hand in hand with initiative and development.

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Sonderborg Municipality has approximately 76,000 inhabitants  and is the 16th largest municipality in Denmark. Some of the prettiest nature in Denmark can be found in Sonderborg Municipality. There is a nearly 200-kilometre stretch of coast, plus wide-ranging forests, including both the forest around Gråsten, and Denmark's longest stretch of coastal woodland on the Eastern side of Als.

Experience history right outside your door. Visit Sonderborg Castle, the preserved battle ground at Dybbøl Mill, and the History Centre at Dybbøl Banke. In Sonderborg Municipality, we retell and learn from our history without being stuck in the past.

Sonderborg Municipality puts pride and dedication into developing the area and its cultural life. You can experience this at Alsion, Southern Jutland's knowledge and culture centre, housing the university, the research park and a world-class concert hall.

Sonderborg Municipality focuses not only on growth, but also the environment. We are in the process of becoming CO2 neutral - and we're also building an exciting harbour-front area with an art hall, a multicultural centre, a science centre and apartments.

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