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Sønderborg Municipality

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Parking in Sonderborg

Find information about parking i Sonderborg municipality including parking tickets/fines and how to pay them as well as where to find parking spaces.
Opdateret 28.07.2020

Did you get a parking ticket/fine?

If you received a parking ticket or fine in your car follow these instructions.

Payment must be made by bank transfer to SYDBANK Flensburg (Germany) and the amount must be paid in Euro (€).

Payment instruction

Swift: SYBKDE22

Account no.: 1000194440

IBAN: DE 1321 5106001000194440

Please note that the parking ticket ID-number (10-character) and license plate number must be specified and the amount must be paid/transferred in Euro (€).


Sydbank Flensburg, Blz.: 21510600 für Deutsche Banküberweisung.

Parking spaces in Sonderborg Municipality

On the map below you can find an overview of all parking spaces in Sonderborg Municipality. You can see parking spaces with dedicated spaces to challenged drivers as well as special vehicles such as electric cars, busses and trucks.

Chose a parking space on the map for more information.

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You can read more about parking tickets in danish.