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Horseback riding and riding route Als

The varied landscape on Als contains both fantastic coast and small woods, and the finest bathing- and nature beaches. All in all a perfect place for a riding holiday.
Opdateret 30.03.2020

Riding Route Als - a route of about 100 km - runs along the coast as well as across the island. Approximately 30-40 km of the route is field and gravel roads. The rest are byways. As the route is formed as a circle you can enter it or leave it whereever you like. Many horse riders use the opportunity to take a day trip.

A ride in the nature of the isle of Als is an experience for the whole family.

The route follows small, idyllic roads, and at several places you have the most beautiful view to the Baltic Sea around Als.

The route runs far away from busy roads. However, you cannot avoid traffic roads on a route around the whole island, and a couple of times you have to cross a road. The route is marked with blue pictograms.

You can find more information here - pamphlet pdf

Rest and accommodation options

Along the route you can find rest folds where you can "park" your horse while you enjoy a break in the beautiful Alsion nature.


In several places there will be primitive accommodation spots, where it is also possible to stay overnight with your horse.

You can book accommodations for you and your horse online on www.visitsonderjylland.dk.

At our Facebook page "Riderute Als" (in Danish) you can share your experiences.

At the Facebook page you can also find a link to an App about Als Riding Route.

In case of further questions please contact Sussanne Bigum Mortensen, phone +45 88 72 55 24.