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Moving to Denmark

Read about how to report your entry when moving to Denmark.
Opdateret 27.08.2020

When you move to Denmark and have to live here permanently for more than 6 months, you must register online.

You must make sure that you have all the necessary documents - including a residence permit, BEFORE you register online.

You must apply for entry here.

Once you have registered, please send the receipt to folkeregister@sonderborg.dk.

In the email, you can write whether you want to visit Borgerservice in Gråsten, Nordborg or Sønderborg. Click here to see our opening hours.

We will contact you afterwards with an appointment to come in person to Borgerservice - you must bring the original documents.

When you come to us, you will have to choose which doctor you want to have.

You can see an overview here: https://www.sundhed.dk/borger/guides/find-behandler/?MunicipalityId=540&TakesNewPatients=true

You must bring the following:

  • Residence permit (not required if you have Danish or Nordic citizenship)
  • Passport or identity card
  • Marital status document (married / divorced / widowed)
  • Birth certificates for children, documentation of custody and consent from a non-accompanying parent.
  • Lease agreement or written confirmation from your roommate that you live and stay at the address

(This must be brought, even if you have already attached documentation in the self-service solution)

You must notify your move in no later than 5 days after you meet the conditions for being registered as a newcomer in Denmark.

Contact the population register to find out if marriage, divorce and death certificates need to be translated and legalized.

On the Family Court's website you can find information on recognition of foreign marriage, divorce and death certificates as well as on legalization / apostille endorsement of these: Go to the Family Court's website.