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Upgrading current employee skill level

Take advantage of the possibility to upskill your workforce.
Opdateret 29.05.2020

Job rotation – retraining of your staff

Send your employees on supplementary training while substitutes work during the training period. You can also apply for a job rotation grant, which is a supplement to the substitutes’ salary and the supplementary training expenses.

Sporskifte – new roads for attrition endangered employees

The arrangement is especially for businesses in industries vulnerable to wearing-down of employees. The businesses can receive financial support in order to find permanent solutions for their worn-out employees. The subsidy can be used for professional guidance, further education or traineeship in another company.

Business education for adults (EUV)

This solution is an offer for companies interested in enhancing the qualities of their low-skilled employees or external job seekers above the age of 25 to a vocational training level.

Better reading, writing, and arithmetic skills

Introductory adult education (FVU) and dyslexic tutoring (OBU) can strengthen the employee with further skills or prepare for a situation with bigger demands to writing and documentation. Often the employee experiences a larger quality of life due to an expansion of ways to communicate. Loss of earnings in connection with FVU can be compensated for with the State Educational Support for Adults (SVU).

For further information visit www.ug.dk/programmes.

For information on dyslexic courses, visit www.hto.nu.

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