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Help with employee sickness and handicap

Let us assist you with the coordination of a disease progression.
Opdateret 25.04.2020


Reporting and reimbursing absence due to illness

If an employee is absent for more than 30 continuous days due to illness, the company is entitled to a refund of unemployment benefits from the municipality. The business is encouraged to report any illness to the municipality as soon as possible through NemRefusion.

Fast track – faster follow-up on lengthy illnesses

If the employer or employee estimates that the employee’s illness is in danger of becoming lengthy (more than 8 weeks), the company can apply the job center for a Fast track-treatment within the first five weeks of the employee’s absence. The municipality will automatically arrange the first follow-up interview no later than 2 weeks after the request.

Absence and attendance policy

It might be a good idea to construct a visible absence and attendance policy for your business, so both employees and managers are familiar with the procedures in terms of employee illness.

The policy might contain preventive measures, sickness absence interviews, working climate interviews and more.

The four-week sickness absence interview

No later than four weeks from the first sick day, the employee must summon the employee for a sickness absence interview concerning how and when the employee might return to the workplace.  

Partial notification of illness or fitness to return to work

The job center can help maintain a sick employee in their job through a partial notification of illness or fitness to return to work.

Partial notification of illness is for employees, who are absent over a longer period due to disease treatments or reduced working capacity.

Partial notification of fitness to return to work is used, when an employee is ready to return to work part-time after a long period of illness.

The company can receive compensation during the employee’s sickness leave.

Aids and furnishing of the work environment

The job center can offer an economic contribution for work tools and minor adjustments of the workplace, which compensates for the employees’ limitations concerning work capability. The limitations can both be of a physical, psychological and social nature. As an example, we can mention reduced sight, wheelchair users, reduced hearing, reading difficulties and mental illnesses.

Personal assistance

An assistant for up to 20 hours a week can be assigned to employees in need of support due to a permanent functional handicap. The tasks can be of a physical, psychological or social character and the assistant can either be an external individual or a colleague paid by the municipality.

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