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Counselling in connection with down-scaling and partnerships

Help and assistance for your business.
Opdateret 07.11.2018


Division of labor

If your company finds itself with fewer work tasks for a period but wishes to avoid layoffs, division of labor might be the solution for you. Your employees’ working hours will be reduced and they will instead receive unemployment benefits. The working hours must be reduced with at least two full days per week or one week of fulltime employment followed by one week of unemployment.

Assistance during larger layoffs

During larger staff cuts, the job center offers help to both the company and the employees by advising them on the possibilities such as job seeking courses or further education.

Partnership agreements

A partnership agreement typically describes the common settings between citizen, company and job center in order to employ a citizen. The agreement is based upon the company’s wishes and opportunities and can for example focus on managing sick leaves or integrating new employees. This can for example be done through guidance and up-skilling courses or the attachment of a mentor.

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