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Job arrangements and internships

View potential job arrangements within the labor market.
Opdateret 27.04.2020

Job testing and wage subsidies  

Job testing positions (virksomhedspraktik) is an arrangement, where an unemployed worker will become a trainee in your company. This will give them a chance to test and/or strengthen their competencies and is of no cost to your business. You can then, after the job testing period, assess the opportunity of fulltime employment or employment with a wage subsidy.

Flexible jobs

Your company can hire an individual, who can only work few hours a week and can therefore only solve smaller tasks. The arrangement also includes current employees, who transfer into a flexible job due to limitations to their work capability.

Trainees and apprentices – Talent6400

As a company, you can establish both trainee and apprentice positions. You will receive a ’here and now’ resource under flexible conditions, where you can shape the future employee to your needs.  

Fill in the form at www.talent6400.dk under ’Bestil et talent’.

Skill acquisition

Your business can apply for a subsidy in order to upgrade new employees’ skill level, if they have been unemployed before and are now in an ordinary job position at your company. You can apply for a subsidy for all kinds of short skill development course, which might expand the field of applicants and potentially target skill acquisition for your company’s specific needs.

Integrating refugees

Help integrating refugees by allowing newcomers to solve tasks within your company. The municipality’s integration program typically consists of Danish education and job testing or wage subsidy positions. The integration program can last up to 3 years and is on average 37 hours per week.

Contact Sonderborg Business and hear more about the possibilities.